Talent Booking

Collective Minds has over a decade worth of experience booking music and talent across Asian cities. We have worked with a multitude of major music festivals, venues and brands curating line ups for their specific needs. Collective Minds is the go to talent consultants in Asia with exclusivity of rosters within the top 6 talent agencies in the world including WME, ICM, CAA, CODA, X-ray and Primary Talent.

Our focus lies squarely in developing music scenes in Asia and avoiding exuberant middlemen fees that are mudding its emerging markets. By vetting all our promoters, brands and venues before we make any bookings; it ensures artist are in the right hands, in the right markets. Most importantly this means the fans get the experience they deserve.

Concerts, Events & Tours

Large international entertainment companies are focused on producing increasing large-scale concerts and festivals across Asia. This has created a considerable gap between smaller club shows and large scale events.

Events of this scale have the capability to make a healthy profit at a much lower risk. Having produced and sold out 75% of our our concerts at this level. We believe we are in the right area of the market.

Working directly with artist management CM produce tours across Asia. Having spent the most part of the decade working with promoters and venues around the continent. We are able to produce shows in multiple different countries. Sub - Agencies out in Asia often go for the promoters or venues with the most amount of money. They do not have relationships with the individuals on the ground in each country. We ensure the Artist is placed in the right hands in each city. With our Collective networks we are able to produce tours very quickly. As we are a network we are able to communicate with each other and troubleshoot any problems that may arise on tour.

Brand Engagement

Collective Minds has a strong background in private events. The Little Black Book in London and Hong Kong was owned and operated by one of the founders of Collective Minds. Having worked with a multitude of luxury, streetwear, hotel and beverage brands to curate brand specific entertainment for their events. The Collective Minds team not only books the artist or celebrity but ensures all negotiation, logistics and production is taken care of on behalf of the client.

Collective Minds has worked with the likes of Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Adidas, W Hotel, Edition Hotels, Kettel One, Moet, Red Bull and many more.